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Tuesday, 11/07/2017

Internship 2017

Department of Physics chose 3 among 13 current students of the 1st patch of the program for a 6-weeks internship in summer 2017 at Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA), Taiwan. ASIAA is one of the biggest astronomy research institute in the world. This internship will give students early access to the international working environment and the modern technology of the world. Below is the 3 research topics for the internship this year:

1.      Testing of high performance CMOS sensor. This is to join the characterization of the TAOS II science devices testing.

2.      Joining the wSMA receiver development. This is part of the SMA upgrade. Or the other possibility is to work on the tasks related to THz receiver and some new ideas on future SIS receiver.

3.      Testing of far IR spectrometers or IR filters. This is part of the development for our intensity mapping project.

The following are the students being chosen:

1.      Le Kim Long

2.      Nguyen Ngoc Huy Hoang

3.      Nguyen Phuc Dat


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